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by Mario, 4th September 2013 - 18:19
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Following our brand new tradition, last month we recorded a couple of songs for young Alex's birthday. At a certain point we attempted to record 3, but that was too much in too little time, and 2 proved to be the better choice.
The first of them, The Shepherd Who Loved To Whistle, was written on the spot, and tells the adventures of a shepherd and his annoyed flock of sheep. The second, Martin Locked & The Urban Madness dates from 11 years ago, when I was learning to write songs. It was always a little favourite of mine, and each time we had some album planned, I thought about recording it. This is one of those cases in which I can say it was worth the wait.
After a busy summer, in which we 3 managed to meet for the first time since our last concert, and after witnessing Alex drinking beer after who knows how long, we return to our creative routine and the projects in the pipeline. Hopefully we will post a lot of news and developments in the months to come.
Until then.

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