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by Mario, 6th March 2017 - 10:50
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It is common in the mythos of The Moon Walkers, I mean, The Moonwalkers, to have a couple of silent years every now and then. As a consequence, we have some pending material we have been meaning to complete, but it is fighting back, as if it did not want to be finished, or it wanted to be constantly born. It tends to make us feel defeated, and so we can treat sometimes such songs as a burden and a task that is imposed, rather than a gorgeous intervention of our inspiration. Regardless, I believe we have reached a point in which a few intensive months will do the trick and I am positive we will release, in one way or another, our next album, Tétrico Simpático, this year. It can be our best so far, so hopefully we will face it in its last stages with optimism and joy.
At the end of last year we released a new EP in a possible series of EPs, consisting of songs recorded for our birthdays. We decided to call it A Bag Of Spices for its musical diversity, but at the same time to highlight what we consider to be the main song in it. Apart from the superb title track, which we finished recording last summer after two difficult years, the release consists of five more songs, like the mysterious Hesitation, the intimate Los Gusanos (both recorded last autumn), and others that have been mentioned earlier in this blog: the experimental Sunset In Life, the pagan Le Puissant, and the misunderstood My Friend Charles. The EP is wrapped up in a beautiful artwork by Tito and Verónica.
Soon after this release, Alex and I continued being active and recorded three new songs we wrote for the occasion: Stupid People, Dorian, and Feral Friends. They remain unreleased for the time being, but if everything goes well, we might get a third release in the EPs installment. If so, we will talk in detail about all the tunes by then.
To finish this post after such a long time, this weekend I have been listening to almost the entire discography of the band, focusing on the earlier releases. I always remembered them as being subpar compared to our later work, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered many of them managed to age well. I greatly enjoyed listening to Winter, 8EP,From The Doors Warehouse To The Yellow Room, Sadko & Lynsey's Journey or Chyba, to mention a few. As for our first album, Waiting For The First Train, I had the idea of mixing some of the songs a second time, when possible, and add drums to them. In most of them the tempo meanders, and it could be a very time consuming task to make it work, but still, I would like to give it a go this summer, when I have more time.
All in all, it could be an exciting year and I am looking forward to it.

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