Feral Friends

by Tito, 28th December 2013 - 14:13
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The project we started at the beginning of the year has come to a close: recording songs for each member of the band as "surprise" birthday presents. We already talked about them in depth on each special day (view blog posts Wolf, 2 new tracks and Morgan and Ending), so this post just wraps the whole thing up. Funny enough, although some songs were written many years ago (Martin Locked & The Urban Madness is 11 years old!) and others were written on the spot specifically for the project, all of them have some things in common: an air of legend, of old tales, about animals, monsters, nature and misunderstood beings. All those (casual?) details led us to choose a title and an artwork for the EP which compiles the 5 songs recorded: Wolf, Martin Locked & The Urban Madness, The Shepherd Who Loved To Whistle, The Story Of Morgan The Beast and Ending.

Feral Friends is a very cohesive EP, despite the different creation dates and the lack of a clear unifying theme - the theme has appeared naturally and that is a great sign. The Feral Friends are us, but also the central characters of the songs, the heroes of the legends. And so we put these legends together in a lovely package, as a summary of our inspiration during 2013, and as a present for the new year. Happy days!

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