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by Mario, 23rd September 2013 - 11:07
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We've just had a couple of active weeks which have been quite creative, taking care of many songs, and discussing beautiful ideas.
I am focused now in what seems to be our next album, based in an old idea by Tito. We started Monsters In The Cupboard, Black Cat Bad Luck (my favourite so far), Witch!, and developed some previous demos: Within The Rotten Fences, Oh My An Apparition Appeared and Good Night Scary Creatures. Alex has already participated in the early stages of half of those songs, and he also recorded in The Clockmaker, which belongs to another release. He also recorded some ideas and demos, aswell as Tito, who almost finished a new lyrics video for The Moth & The Candle. We are about to release it, but first I need to get done my possible contribution.

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