Morgan and Ending

by Tito, 8th November 2013 - 18:10
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Yesterday was Mario's birthday and, as it's been customary this past year, Alex and I recorded two new songs to celebrate.

The Story Of Morgan The Beast is probably one of my most accomplished songs. When planning the birthday recordings I doubted between using any old demo or create something completely new. After realising that I imagined most of my demos with Mario's participation, I chose the other option and started writing it from scratch, just two months before the date.
The creation of this song was incredibly exhausting, both mentally and physically. The idea evolved for weeks, starting as a weird psychedelic-rock multi-part piece (which proved too difficult and made me very nervous thinking that I wouldn't be able to come up with anything). Then, after much struggle, I erased useless and misplaced bits until there was only a modest little verse, repeated through a long but simple folk ballad. That very verse also evolved, while I studied the chords looking for the right ones. In the meantime I was already devising the lyrics, which again took me a few weeks to write. I had the clear idea of a tale, the fable of a boy in love with Nature and the animals - but from a family and a village of ignorant and fearful peasants, whose mistrust would eventually lead them to persecute him, with tragic consequences. I have to say I'm very proud of the lyrics, it's the first time I write a well structured story without having to force weird situations to get the rhymes. Finally, the recording process was like growing a child in less than a couple of months - tiring and exasperating for various reasons, nerve-wracking for not knowing if the song would be what I expected at all. And, like a son, it came out different than I anticipate and probably better than I could ever imagine. I'm truly happy.

The other song was recorded quickly, in the first two or three weeks, and it waited there patiently to see the light. Written by Alex, Ending is one of his little instrumental ideas except for some ambient and melodious choirs. His is the main voice and acoustic guitar, to which I added some arrangements and backing voices. The result is a really beautiful little song, moving and meditative. There was another idea from Alex in process, called PersecuciĆ³n, also instrumental with choirs and wordless voices, only this time it was a crazy, loud-mouthed, powerful song. The lack of work on this one condemned it to be left out of the birthday group, but it most certainly will be used in one of our next projects.

So we have completed the first year of birthday surprise song gifts, one for each of us, and soon these five songs (Wolf, The Shepherd Who Loved To Whistle, Martin Locked & The Urban Madness, The Story Of Morgan The Beast and Ending) will be released as a nice EP of which title, artwork and all those things we like to debate are already being debated. In the meantime we're getting ready for the next wave of projects. Fortunately, we're never in short supply of those.

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