New video and moving forward

by Tito, 22nd January 2014 - 11:46
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We just published our last video, a simple but captivating lyrics video for The Moth & The Candle, from the 2012 album Tremendous Amount Of Cherries. Perfect visual representation of this great song by Mario. The candle dances to the music and our eyes are enchanted by the fire... Hopefully we will be able to create more videos, now that we have new equipment and software, and perhaps time.

And we're back after the seasonal break! Our next project is well under way - practically everything we have so far created by Mario (the Muses were lascivious with him for the past few months, the lucky bastard). It's my turn to add voices and other tracks and I'm very excited, as we'll be able to experiment a lot with these songs. I've been considering a few new things of my own and probably we will re-record and old song, The Gravedigger... enough said!

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