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by Mario, 27th March 2014 - 12:01
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A few weeks ago Alex and me surprised Tito with an unexpectedly unexpected birthday present. At this point we thought it might be obvious we would record some secret songs, as it happened last year, but believe it or not, he didn't suspect a thing.
This time we recorded 3 new songs. We set a new record and, perhaps, a limit.
First, Sunset In Life, is an accompanying song for a time lapse video Alex recorded last winter. It is ethereal and works as a little soundtrack that culminates in an epic but uneasy end. We go through our lives, feeling a monotony that doesn't take us anywhere, and it's at the end of it when we understand its beauty.
Bullshit aside, the song turned out to be better than we thought and we are happy we made it work the way we intended.
The second tune is Le Puissant. Based on a not too old demo, it suffered several transformations, and eventually became this weird beauty. We are very proud of it, and pleased to have surprised ourselves with something fresh and different that we didn't see coming. As Alex says, it is as if the song wrote itself.
Last and least, My Friend Charles. I wrote it before I could vote and always loved it. Tito never did, which was a shame. I tried to record it several times, but I was never sure what to do with it. I felt it needed Tito's imput to be really good. Or as good as I thought it could be. But it didn't make sense he sang in a song about himself, so I finally decided to give it a go with Alex and we just let ourselves go. It was fun and we liked it, but Tito still didn't. I haven't listened to it again since :(
We still don't know if we will carry on this tradition. I guess there is no point in keeping saying it.
Let's let it be a surprise.

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