by Mario, 25th February 2013 - 11:01
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Last weekend Tito got old and to celebrate it we released a new song, Wolf.
It was written 6 years ago, in the Yellow Room, during one of our Friday rehearsals. We were working in the Autumn EP those days, playing the songs a lot before deciding what arrangements we would use. Tito was absent that afternoon, so we spent it jamming and demoing as usual, creating this piece. As with many of the jams from that period, in my mind the song was intended to appear in Chyba, probably re-shaped and with vocals.
It wasn't until later last year that I decided to rescue it and make a proper recording with Alex as, afterall, it's one of our typical instrumental songs, and we could surprise Tito with this present.
The recording has been long and difficult. Many layers and parts are involved, and we've also had to face many exams during the last 2 months, but the result is highly satisfying and we can say it has been a success.
We will continue this tradition for who knows how long and compile the songs some day. Maybe in one big album, maybe in EPs, we will see how we feel about it. Meanwhile the song is published in this website.

After our first releases of the year (Wolf and the video for Epic Pomelo) we are aiming at finishing Autumn. We might set a release date so we force ourselves to do it on time. There is so little left to do, and at the same time so much. Actually I've been playing around with Lost Song this morning. After that it will be easier to start any of our many new projects and enjoy ourselves. We also talked yesterday about making new videos, so that's something else to look forward to.

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