A Bag Of Spices

(music: Mario; lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Mario: baritone ukulele, bass, programming
  • Tito: acoustic guitar, melodica, piano, programming, vocals
  • Written in Wrocław, 2014
  • Recorded in Wrocław, London, 2014, 2016
  • Produced by Mario/Tito

In the Street of Fiery Trees
A house is falling down
By decree of wise and free
A house is falling down
This house is falling down...

Bread of wheat and cider sweet
Are treasure in this town
Slice of meat and taste of teat
Are precious in this town
They're precious in this town...

Morning breeze and morning sea
And bodies in the ground
Dirty feet and dirty cheat
And bodies in the ground...

This house is falling down
They're precious in this town
And bodies in the ground
And bodies in the ground

Lorem ipsum
Dolor sit amet

Anno domine
Carpe Diem

Cogito ergo sum
Errare humanum est

Hey, we're on the way
Leave your tools and hammer
Hey, we're on the way
Hear the peoples clamour

With drums, pipes and weapons
We will fight
For town and god and king
And all that's right

Join us in the pride
Of the brotherhood
Leave behind your life
For the common good
We will die as one man
Where we stood
We will give our lives
As heroes would

They will sing the triumphs
Of this day
When we fight as lions
In the fray
Find eternal glory
In the next life
When they tell the story
Of this strife

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