Epic Pomelo

(music/lyrics: Mario/Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: electric guitar
  • Mario: programming
  • Tito: programming, vocals
  • Written in London, Wrocław, 2012
  • Recorded in Jaén, London, Wrocław, 2012
  • Produced by Tito

Talking in the lawn
With a flying prawn
And a trumpet swan
I'm sure you know what's going on

And sign the deed of trust
For the House of Lust
And pay, the price is just
To buy the golden cosmic dust

And tell me how it feels
Preaching your ideals
With a group of eels
In the Land of Loving Seals

And apples in the sky
Steak and kidney pie
Get a windsor tie
I'll see you by and by and goodbye

Don't want to say
Strawberry tree
Day after day
This cup of tea
Fading away
Over the sea
With an electric ray

Fuck the telephone
When you are alone
Make the caller moan
But she's never truly gone

Pockets swing and chime
Twenty thousand rhymes
Juggling with the limes
That the trier tried to try

Don't want to waste
Your time is neat
Very good taste
So we go...

La lalala

Everytime we meet
Screaming 'death' to me
You always make me see
A neverending bunch of D's

And sing a happy song
Sing it all day long
Tell me right from wrong
You'll be dead before too long, yeah

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