(music/lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Tito: piano, programming, ukulele, vocals
  • Written in London, November 2016
  • Recorded in London, JaĆ©n, November 2016
  • Produced by Tito

Wake up in silence
With all inside and tears
Follow the guidance
Music of sirens, clear
Look at this town
Like this is the last time, oh, dear
Step on the sounds and
Voices you made with your peer
Send all your lyin'
Into the sky and near
Always so high but
You don't know why, it's here
It's always here
Oh, dear

Come to the island
Open one eye and cheer
They never cry and
Everyone died last year
Talk to them but
Whatever you do don't drink beer
You'll be forsaken then
But at least you're sincere
Dance with the girl and
For anything volunteer
You never know when
She's in control of your fear
It's always fear

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