Martin Locked & The Urban Madness

(music/lyrics: Mario)

Creative Commons license
  • Mario: baritone ukulele, electric guitar, programming
  • Tito: acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Written in Granada, 2002
  • Recorded in London, Wroc┼éaw, 2013
  • Produced by Mario

Jumps in the roofs
Singing like a fool
While the sun today
Grows green like a lake
Gaze from the top
With a telescope
Such a nasty stain
In the bosom of the maid

Aim to the cop
Raining flowerpots
Piss and spit
And bricks in the street
Lost in a hall
Kicking at the walls
And the foggy day
Is gonna be the same


Martin Locked escapes from the hunter
But always is back at the order of his madness

I dont know who
(Maybe it was you)
Said the little fay
Just green like a lake
Could be a call
Listen to the walls
And the show today
is gonna be the same


Martin Locked, oh, oh

original release

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