(music/lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: acoustic guitar
  • Mario: bass
  • Tito: keyboards, violin, vocals
  • Written in Caparacena, 2001
  • Recorded in Granada, 2005
  • Produced by Tito

Rain falling over me
Moonlight is what I seek
Clouds know me very well
The door without the key
My mouth without your kiss
In black I loose myself
I regret so many things
Starways of ecstasy
To forget so much I need
In my pocket there's no hand
I'm alone now in the bus
The heat's gone to the north


I'm in overshadow
When I don't know you
Maybe I'll meet you tomorrow
But I can't wait for you

The new girl wasn't a girl
The last was in my bed
And the first, she was the best
I try so hard to find
The same warm I found that life
I'm lost in the neon lights
Snow over the knife
Slow into the fight
Fever in my howl
The scar is now my doom
It plays me like a fool
My time is running out


I swear that I can feel
Brainstorm, I want to kill
In madness I can reach the end
The horror in the sky
'cause I can't find your shine
You're gone away tonight


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