Potential Potatoes

(music: Mario; lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Mario: bass, programming, spanish guitar
  • Tito: vocals, mandolin, ukulele
  • Written in Wrocław, 2017
  • Recorded in Wrocław, London, 2017
  • Produced by Mario

There was a queue in the zoo
I saw you there and I fell in love with you
I joined the line just behind you
There was a sign to see the porcupine
Why do you like things with spikes?
Turns out that you and I are very much alike
It must be fate, there's no debate
Don't be afraid to call a spade a spade

Let's go away, just you and me babe
No need to stay, we're loving every day
Pick up the phone to hear you moan
Dancing alone, wish you had known this song

Don't tell me lies, give me advise
Apologise for changing your disguise
I see the trend, this is descending
You're not my friend, I think this is the end

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