(music/lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Mario: bass, programming, spanish guitar
  • Tito: melodica, piano, programming, vocals
  • Written in London, 2017
  • Recorded in London, Wrocław, 2017
  • Produced by Tito

Constipation of the mind
Too many major thoughts
Competing at the same time
Aberration of a kind
Days looking at the wall
Trying to write a single line

When there are too many things you really have to do
But you really wanna wait until you're ready to
When you don't know where to start
The hours seem to fall apart
There's no finish line in sight
We might as well call it a night

Degradation of the spine
Whole days and weeks are gone
Trying to find a single rhyme
Of the fluids in the brain
Negation of control
Any effort is in vain

When there are so many things you really want to do
But you really wanna wait until you're ready to
Then you go and read a book
Or better go and learn to cook
Watch a film for the tenth time
Or google what's a pantomime

Profanation of your time
So many projects born
And forgotten in the grind

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