(music/lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Tito: acoustic guitar, programming, vocals
  • Written in London, 2012
  • Recorded in London, 2012
  • Produced by Tito


He goes to work and then he goes back home
He only wants to be alone
He's in the street and smoking all day long
He only wants to be unknown

He likes a coffee with a lotta foam
He doesn't want to get along
He doesn't want to listen Remi's song
'Cause this is where he don't belong

Remi la la la
Remi oh

He wakes up late and then he stays in bed
His pretty flowers are all dead
He never took a shower, so it's said
Or wash the hair upon his head

He has an English breakfast with French bread
The jam he likes is always red
He has a very busy day ahead
So he will stay and sleep instead

Remi la la la
Remi oh

He talks to lovely girls, and they just moan
They always want to feel his bone
He talks to lovely girls on the phone
When he don't have eau de cologne

Looks in the mirror and he's feeling strong
There is nothing that could go wrong
But he will know that this is Remi's song
And he won't like to sing along

Remi la la la la
Remi oh

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