Sinking Ship

(music: Mario; lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Mario: programming
  • Tito: keyboards, vocals
  • Written in London, Wrocław, 2012
  • Recorded in London, Wrocław, 2012
  • Produced by Mario

It was just a play
A Winter in May
It was always ending

Pleasure was fake
A wager to make
Why be condescending?

Out on the night
When kisses took flight
She was just pretending

Nothing concealed
Truth wasn't revealed
He was just contending

That was the bait
They went for it straight
Venus was attending

No love and no hate
No moment to wait
Sea waves went ascending

Playing with fate
We're always too late
Moments are impending

With life at the gate
It's never too late
Stories are unending

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