Strangest Things Always Happen To Me (Caparacena version)

(music/lyrics: Mario)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: acoustic guitar
  • Mario: bass, vocals
  • Tito: programming, toy
  • Written in Granada, 2005
  • Recorded in Caparacena, 2005
  • Produced by Tito

Mario wrote it while having a weird allergic reaction.

The intention was to record different versions sang by different people, but it never happened.

B7I've got a bubble F7in my eye F#7 
B7I don't know why F7it happens to me F#7 
B7I've got a red eye
F7This is the right one F#7 
B7I don't A7know why B7strangest things G#7always A7happen to me

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