Take A Shower! (With Me)

(music/lyrics: Mario)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: electric guitar, jew's harp, vocals
  • Mario: bass
  • Tito: keyboards, vocals
  • Ă‘ete: vocals
  • Written in Granada, 2001
  • Recorded in Granada, 2005
  • Produced by Alex

Oh, today we'll be alone
I am ready for the fun
Running naked in my home
With your hands you make me come
Through the window smile the sun
And we're listening Supertramp
Your pussy plays with my hand
We are getting a very good time
Softly, wet, kisses, skin,
Caress, water, soap, your legs!

We together, under water
Take a shower with me, with me

Oh, I really love your mouth
Oh, I really need your heart

I slip in your breasts
I lick your nipples, I lick your breasts
Entertain me with your breasts
The water fall across your breasts
Put the towel on the bed
You want to play dirty games
There's a thing I want to say
Let's go to the bath again

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