The 2-Fingers-Forehead Man

(music/lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: acoustic guitar
  • Mario: bass
  • Tito: keyboards, vocals
  • Written in Caparacena, 2004
  • Recorded in Granada, 2005
  • Produced by Tito

One, two three!


He's the 2-fingers-forehead man
He doesn't know and he does what he can
He's not to blame, hasn't got any plan
He's the 2-fingers-forehead man

He's a stupid happy boy
When he's playing with his toy
When he's late to his date
She's taking comfort in his face
He loves tuning in his car
And he's driving like a star
But he doesn't get the joke
When he crash into an oak


He goes dancing in the night
He wants to fly to the sky
At the end he's feeling bad
A dog is pissing in his head
Everything he does is wrong
Every book is too long
Watching the TV he's tame
Turn it off, it's the same


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