The Gravedigger

(music/lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Mario: bass
  • Tito: keyboards, special effects, vocals
  • Written in Caparacena, 2001
  • Recorded in Granada, 2005
  • Produced by Alex

I take the shovel and dig
Your blood's cold now
See your face, you've died
I don't mind how
Little worms eatin' your fingers
And the birds havin' their dinner
D. E. A. D.
You belong to the trees
And I talk to you, and talk to you
And you talk to me, you talk to me...


Yes, you're gonna die,
Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight
You'll be the pot I smoke
That day, will you tell me a joke?

I have buried slaves and kings
They were the same to me
Empty bodies, lovely insects
They're going to feed
Have no face, I'm the rest-giver
Have no name, I'm the Gravedigger
Don't know you, say goodbye
I'm the shit of the world, but I smile
But I smile, but I smile
But I smile, but I smile...
And I smile to you, and smile to you
And you smile to me, you smile to me...


No, you can't try to feel
All the things that you did
No, you can't, can't repeat
All the things that you miss
Have you lived enough life?
Have you known enough minds?
Have you kissed enough eyes?
Have you had enough time?
Did you look all the stars?
Did you tell all the words?
Did you drink, did you laugh?
Have you had all the love?
And you're dead, you're alone
And you're dead, where's your home?
And the fire in the night
To the hell that you drive
No, you can't frighten me
No, you can't, I'm the king
And you're dead, could be me
But you can't frighten me, no!

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