The Loughborough Man (Charly's demo)

(music/lyrics: Mario/Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Tito: keyboards, melodica, Spanish guitar, vocals
  • Written in Granada, 2006
  • Recorded in Caparacena, 2007
  • Produced by Tito

There was a man with pretty dirty hands
Walking alone in the middle of a storm
Sang her a song of love
How could expect a son
With her parents poisoning both
With evil dirty words
Making him go to leave them alone
Everything's fine, I hope
Maybe he's right or he just forgot

When he arrived felt mad all the time
Living with two crazy girls he refused
He didn't know a word
Crow sit on trees of blood
Everyday's under the rain
Like the liquid in his veins
You'll think of her, but if you want to return
Please close your door, at night
Because they'll try to kill you on the floor

He heard the call of a mistery land
Now he is the Loughborough man
Listen the song of the last boy stand
And how became the Loughborough man

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