The Story Of Morgan The Beast

(music/lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Tito: vocals, acoustic guitars, mandolin, programming
  • Alex: electric guitar
  • Written in London, September 2013
  • Recorded in London, JaĆ©n, 2013
  • Produced by Tito

This is the story of Morgan the Beast
As I once heard it somewhere up North-East
In a cold town he was born to a priest
He was a baby all wrinkled and creased
But he grew up as a fine boy, at least
Until the boy became Morgan the Beast

Since he was able to laugh and to walk
He loved to play with the dogs and the flock
He spent whole days just sitting by the loch
Where he would sing to the fish and the rock
They say he had conversations with hawks
Even a long time before he could talk

In summertime he could wander with ease
Through the hot swamps where he danced with the bees
In the dark forest he slept where he pleased
When the cold winter fell down with a breeze
He wasn't happy but between the trees
Running with wolves he felt truly at peace

All the townspeople were very displeased
They started calling him Morgan the Beast


'Listen to me, my dear son', said the priest
'You should stay home for your mother at least
I am your father and you can't resist!'
This thing he told him while making a fist
Morgan said nothing and ran to the mist
While his old mother fell down to her knees

For twenty days he was lost in the East
Where the dark forest and woods never ceased
All the townfolk thought that he was deceased
Until some peasant came screaming, 'Help, please!
I saw a monster somewhere in the mist,
Believe me, I've just seen Morgan the Beast!'

'He is a devil', said some country folk
'I saw him growling and vanish like smoke'
'I heard him howling', some other man spoke
'He is a creature half wolf and half crow'
'We have to kill him with one heavy blow'
And so they all left before the day broke


They lit some fires and ran through the mist
In front of them all was imploring the priest:
'He is no devil, please, hear me at least!
We have to save him from any wild beast'
They said 'he's evil, we will not desist
Until we've killed him with shotgun or fist'

Right in that moment the priest said, 'Beware!
I think I just heard some creature right there'
They stopped in silence and through the dark air
There was a shadow with eyes full of glare
'This is the monster who caused all despair!
You killed my firstborn, you infernal bear!'

The priest he ran crazy and pulled out his gun
There was one gunshot and no more than one
The creature fell down after trying to run
And then he got closer and saw what he'd done
Then they all saw with the first rays of sun
It was none other than Morgan his son


He started crying and fell to his knees
'What have I done, Morgan, I could not see
All that I wanted was to set you free
Oh Lord, forgive me, will you hear my plea?"
He fell in silence and between the trees
They could hear only the cold morning breeze

After a moment the people drew near
All trees and flowers looked withered and sere
All of a sudden a true bear appeared
He looked at Morgan with eyes full of tears
Without a gesture of anger or fear
He took the body and then disappeared

Many years passed in this town up North-East
They lived in sadness and died with unease
Nobody spoke at the death of the priest
And Morgan's mother died wrinkled and creased
But you can still today hear through the trees
The singing voice of Morgan the Beast

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