The Woods Have Ears & The Fields Have Eyes (demo)

(music/lyrics: Mario)

Creative Commons license
  • Mario: programming
  • Ania: voice
  • Written in Glasgow, 2008
  • Recorded in Glasgow, 2008
  • Produced by Mario

There's an elf under my bed
missing half of his weird head.
He likes me, or so I heard.
I don't think we can be friends.

When I go to take a walk
I feel something's going wrong.
Maybe it's him, but I don't know.
Maybe i'm not alone.

Seems like he has followed me
through the paths between the trees.
I wish someone else was here,
but I know the woods have ears

If I could i'm sure i'd fight,
beating him until he cries.
But the truth is worse two times.
Thank God that the fields have eyes.

original release

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