(music/lyrics: Mario)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: electric guitar, Spanish guitar, vocals
  • Mario: bass, electric guitar, vocals
  • Tito: keyboards, vocals
  • Written in Granada, 2002
  • Recorded in Granada, 2004
  • Produced by Mario

Tito didn't like the song when it was written, so they scrapped it. Later when Alex joined the band, he heard Mario playing it at a party. He liked it very much and decided to put it back in the band's repertory.

It's about a guy who doesn't have sex, gets crazy and puts a bomb in a club called Thunderhall.


I hate to wake up
Always in the morning
I'm erect, what is up?
I've dreamt about her sucking

When I walk in the streets
I only want to kill
I bring up and then I sit
'Cos i'm very, very sick

People go to thunderhall

I hate to wake up
In the fucking hospital
I'm erect, what is this?
A fat nurse has sucked my dick

When the city splits to me
I become the anarchist
I get out of the cities
And I return to the trees

People go to thunderhall

I hate have no sex

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