(music/lyrics: Tito)

Creative Commons license
  • Alex: electric guitar, vocals
  • Mario: bass, vocals
  • Tito: electric guitar, programming, vocals
  • Written in Caparacena, 2002
  • Recorded in Granada, 2007
  • Produced by Mario

Trauman's childhoold wasn't fine
Everybody was unkind
In the cinema he cried
Why Bamby's mother had to die?

Everybody laughs at him
Everybody picks on him
He just says, "what's the matter?"
Tra, tra, tra, tra, Trauman stutters

Trauman doesn't get the joke
When he crash into an oak
But all the drivers and the police
Stop and make fun of him

Everything he does is wrong
He just wants to get along
Anti-heroe, his nickname
Call him Trauman, it's the same


The clown of the folk (Trauman!)
If it rains, don't have a coat (Trauman!)
Doesn't rain he buys a boat (Trauman!)
There he goes (Trauman!)

Trauman only had a girl
She obeyed everything he said
And she never put a horn
A plastic pussy is such warm

One day he dared to ask a bitch
The cheapest woman on the street
She lost the power of speech
"I wouldn't even if you were rich!"


He's lied on the shops (Trauman!)
He pulls up his socks (Trauman!)
He loves to watch the box (Trauman!)
There he goes (Trauman!)

Trauman went to the store
To buy an X-film once more
The pay-me girl stared at him
He felt blush even his dick

One day he wanted to suicide
From the window tried to fly
He felt free like a bee
He was hanging from a tree


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